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Welcome to webmaster site!

I'm Vladimir, private webmaster am developing websites since 2011. Create a site-business cards (Landing-Page), author's websites, online stores, sites cattery, sites of companies and enterprises in the CMS Joomla, Wordpress, Drupal, and do original sites (PHP+MySQL, JavaScript+HTML+CSS) for non-standard web-solutions. After creating the site will help you to choose the best tariff plan for a hosting provider and domain name in the desired domain zone. Register your site in search engines Yandex, Google, Rambler, Mail, installed on your site counter statistics, Yandex.metrika, Google.analitika,,, and so on. Will hold a professional web analyst (Yandex.metrika,, SEO-optimization (internal and external), the setting of semantic core site for promotion in search engines Yandex and Google.
Development is carried out as follows: You are describing about what the design, structure, design and content of the site you want. Perhaps, if there is in mind, you show me a couple of your favorite works. Then I discuss with you the details of the development, both before and during the creation of the site. Upon completion of the development I load and display on your website hosting. If you have any comments, I correct them. Then you pay for my work (Webmoney, Qiwi, Yandex-money). And when the money will go into my account, I transfer the site to your hosting or one that you I will order additional (hosting and domain in the amount of development are not included and paid separately, as the payment is made directly to the hosting provider). Below you can read the reviews of my customers.
The most simple sites that I do - it is a small static sites (Landing-Page), they consist only of HTML-pages, the CSS-styles, and the minimum required code in PHP (for example, application forms, etc.) . If you fit such a site, its advantage is that it loads quickly and is not prone to cracking, because it does not have the administrator's office and does not work with the database, that is there to hack almost nothing. I also develop sites in the so-called engines Joomla sites, Drupal, Wordpress. If you do not know what "engine map", something about this quite a lot of information on the Internet, you can find and read, in short - is a site that is controlled from the personal account, making it easier to work with the site. The changes are saved in a database, and when loading the site is filled with information from this database, which of course is a little load on the site, but as "sliders" periodic self-renew, there is an improvement and correcting their weaknesses. And even if you are looking for some website template, you still need to change the design to your needs and may add additional functionality, but without the knowledge of HTML, CSS and PHP template can not be correct. And since there are no ideals, any template engine may have some unobvious stocks that also need correcting. I will take all the necessary changes for you. If necessary, you can order further my subsequent support your site.
Administrative site engine cover is different from the type of the site. She rarely changes dramatically from one version to make it familiar and easy to manage a site, not existing skills. Some engines, such as Joomla, you can change the design of the admin panel, available in the "engine of the website". Although usually the default standard design more comfortable to use, so that it need not be changed unnecessarily.
In connection with the development of mobile technologies, lately I've been doing adaptive sites for smartphones and tablets, both using the viewport meta tag, and using the media screen css, such as made me on site, as well as on this website. The rest of my work, see the sections Portfolio and Design, which brings together the design of sites, banners, corporate identities, and examples of processing images in Photoshop.

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Olga Olga, Moskow, Russia Work with Vladimir passes very clearly, promptly. Tasks are implemented effectively, even if unforeseen technical difficulties. Vladimir work on our project proved itself as a responsible, hard-working employee.

Natasha Natalya Ostrovskaya Nizhny Tagil, Russia I would like to say a big thank you to Vladimir !!! Very attentive and intelligent young man! The site is very fast and accurately has been made. Particularly pleased with the friendly attitude. The result completely satisfied - get exactly what I wanted. A true professional, would recommend!

Sergey Sergey Sharapov Moskow, Russia Volodya professional in the technical part of the site. Make the site very quickly made the order form and structure necessary to me. And even more than agreed on. The site turned out alive. Searched for many programmers, this is a fun audience of people with whom to work hard. Vladimir differs in its approach to people and understand what they need, so it was easy and fast when creating the site. He has a very good approach to people and you will be very comfortable working with him.

Valeriy Paliev Valeriy Paliev Lugansk, Russia Very grateful to Vladimir for qualitatively and in a short turnaround time to create a website for our kennel. I think that all who turn to him for help in creating a site that does not regret it.

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